Brown snake on campus!

We had a bit of excitement in the biology department today as a juvenile eastern brown snake (Pseudonaja textilis) paid our building a visit. It was first seen (not by me) just inside the building, but it made a quick retreat back outside.

This little brown snake paid us a visit today.

Our building's safety officer (in blue) evaluating the situation. In the background is the Banks Building, where I and about half the Department of Evolution, Ecology & Genetics have our offices.

We followed the snake until it hid in some bushes. We left it there in hopes that it will make its way back to some nearby bushland where it will be safe from mean people with long sticks. Hopefully we won't come to work tomorrow to find a squashed baby snake!

The young brown snake found temporary shelter in a bush near our building.

Sorry for the poor quality of these pictures, but that's something to be expected from me photographing deadly snakes.