Angus's picture is in the new reptile guide!

One of the pictures Angus Kennedy took while he was volunteering for me in the field in 2011 was published in the latest edition of A Complete Guide to Reptiles of Australia by Steve Wilson and Gerry Swan. This book is the bible for reptile identification in Australia and this is Angus's first published photograph, so it's a big deal for him. The fourth edition, which includes his picture, just came out this week.

Angus's photo is the second one down on the left, of Ctenophorus tjantjalka. 

Here's the original picture: 

Ochre Dragon (Ctenophorus tjantjalka). Anna Creek Station, South Australia, 2011. Photo by Angus Kennedy.

They also changed the species description from "mature male is dark brown to grey" in the third edition to "mature male is blue-grey" in the fourth. Coooool!